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About The Center for Reproductive Medicine

The mission of our infertility practice is very simple and pragmatic…to help infertile couples have children. Babies are our “bottom line.” We employ ethical, proven and statistically validated therapies. When achieving a pregnancy is not possible, we believe that our role is to help our patients confront and resolve the problem in an honest, straightforward and dignified way.

The mission of our reproductive endocrinology practice is to help patients obtain access to specialized medical, surgical and laboratory services not otherwise available in the region.

The Center for Reproductive Medicine is a very active private practice in Knoxville, Tennessee dedicated to the professional care of people with reproductive problems. Our team has been providing the highest level of care since 1987, and our efforts have led to approximately 6,500 pregnancies to date. These results are unrivaled in the entire East Tennessee region, and “our” children are to be found in virtually every school and nursery in the area. We currently serve as a local access point for the Nashville Fertility Center, for those couples who ultimately require In Vitro Fertilization services.